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UNLEASH YOUR POTENTIAL - Harness your talents towards new opportunities


This course works with a game-based approach. Working on two different game boards, participants will explore their inner resources, their (often hidden) talents and find a hierarchy between the talents. They will discover ways to reach goals by becoming aware of their potential.

At the end of the first day, the first game board reveals
• Talents and their distortions (possibly related to competencies)
• Personal values
• Level of self-management at present
• Social and personal attributes
• Neglected aspects, energy leaks

At the end of the second day the second board reveals
• The hierarchy between the talents
• Personal and job-related needs to thrive:
- What is needed to stay motivated and inspired?
- What is needed on a personal level?
• Which talents make a contribution to the organisation
• Purpose in life and personal goals within the organisation

Benefits for the organisation

The biggest benefits for the organisation come from tapping into the hidden talents of their employees, thus utilising more of their talent-based skills and as a result increase productivity
• Higher alignment to strategic and operational business goals
• Higher employee efficiency and effectiveness
• Increased employee satisfaction and engagement
• Richer performance feedback conversations
• Talent-based competency development
• High-match talent allocation
• Stress reduction and burnout prevention
• Developing existing leaders and unveiling future leadership potential
• Identifying potential for succession planning
• Early detection of employees that will have better growth opportunities outside the team or organisation
• Identifying and unleashing creativity and innovation potential
• Support for transformation and change management