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Certificate IV in Environmental Management and Sustainability

BSB42315 Certificate IV in Environmental Management and Sustainability

CRICOS Course Code: 095436G

Managing our environment and ensuring it is safeguarded for years (in your lifetime) to come, is now, more than ever, a key issue for many nations. We as humans are largely behind issues such as deforestation, pollution, global warming and species extinction. But we, as humans, are also the key to preserving the environment.

If you are interested in sustainability and environmental care for our future, then the BSB42315 - Certificate IV in Environmental Management and Sustainability will teach you how to apply, manage and implement problem-solving skills to the environment.

This course aims to provide you with a solid foundation in the fields of climate change, environmental management and earth science.

It also aims to give you valuable and high in demand skills in environmental management. ACBI hopes that after completion of this course, you'll become highly knowledgeable and in demand to advise how individuals, societies and governments can pave a path towards a healthy environment.


Community-based Resource Management

Sustainability Project Leader

Environmental Project Manager

Environmental and Resource Management

Environmental Consultancy

Environmental Education

Environmental Management Officer


BSBSUS401 Implement and monitor environmentally sustainable work practices
BSBUSS402 Implement an environmental management plan
BSBUS403 Measure, monitor and reduce carbon emissions
BSBUS404 Assess, implement, monitor and export on waste management
BSBRSK401 Identify risk and apply risk management processes
BSBSMB410 Review and implement energy efficiency in business operations
BSBSUS501 Develop workplace policy and procedures for sustainability
BSBWHS402 Assist with compliance with WHS laws

Course Information

Entry Requirements

Students should be able to read and write English at approximately year 12 level in order to be able to assimilate the information provided in the program with the capacity to read complex instructions and write competently and accurately.

Every student will have an initial interview to assess your individual learning needs and your language, literacy and numeracy skills.

If you do not have the required English level (EILTS of 5.5 or equivalent) we can suggest English language course from our educational partners

Be aged over 18. An interview will be undertaken to access your skills.