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SAP ERP Program: SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes

SAP ERP Program: SAP ERP Integration of Business Processes

These programs give a broad understanding of real-world business practices enabled by SAP ERP. They include a good understanding of processes across a whole organisation and how they relate to each other. This is combined with insights into operational excellence, inter-relationships between functions and departments and how information-communication can be leveraged to optimise business processes and transform the way business is done. They will give participants the knowledge to support essential business functions and integration of all main business units using SAP.

3 Program Options to choose from:

2 months access to uAcademy:

  • Handbook with exercises
  • 80 hours eLearning
  • Live SAP System Access
  • Online Introduction Session by SAP OneWorld
  • Online mentoring by SAP OneWorld
  • Ongoing access to SAP OneWorld Community Forum
  • Optional: Certification

Pre-course engagement

  • Pre-survey
  • Ready Steady Go - Get ready for your course:
    • Systems Requirement Test
    • Order handbook if required
    • Order certification
    • Create your own study schedule
    • Recommended: Order text book Magal
  • Get Started - Learn about SAP
    • youtube SAP movies
    • Optional: SAP129 online course (at extra cost)
    • Optional: Textbook Magal page XX-YY
  • Get job-ready now – hit the ground running
    • Sign-up AERPI Alumni
    • Create your after-course CV
    • Include this training in LinkedIn Profile

Progress Support:

  • Weekly study guidance, survey and quiz
    • Study Guidance
    • Progress survey
    • Content quiz
  • Optional: Coaching

Post course:

  • LinkedIn recommendation from AERPI upon completion
  • Regular communication through LinkedIn groups

Blending elearning with classroom training, simulation game, social networking and Gamification for increased learning results

Facilitated eLearning plus:

  • Kickoff - full day
  • 3 weeks online
  • Facilitated weekend 1
  • 3 weeks online
  • Facilitated weekend 2
  • Certification prep
  • Gamification
  • Social Networking

ERPsim™ games

ERPsim™ games are a series of business simulations run on live SAP®. More about the games on youtube. ERPsim™ games are a series of business simulations run on live SAP®. Unlike other turn-based simulations used for business training, ERPsim™ games have participants use the system in faster than real-time. This requires them to make on the spot decisions regarding sales, pricing, product components, marketing investments, cash management, production sequencing and more, all by using the reports and transactions found in SAP. Get a taste for simulation games on Youtube

SAP Overview Course (SAP01+)

SAP strategy, terminology, SAP’s business solutions, baseline SAP product knowledge, main concepts, capabilities and benefits of SAP NetWeaver, SAP ERP, the SAP Business Suite, and SAP BusinessObjects solutions. Classroom or eLearning.

SAP Navigation eLearning (SAP129)

Key terms and navigation in SAP system, key areas of SAP screens, fields, and features, to obtain additional help, modify and customize the look of your SAP system, and more advanced skills.