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SAP Learning HUB, Student Edition

SAP Learning HUB, Student Edition

SAP Learning Hub, Student Edition, provides instant online access to a vast body of knowledge about SAP solutions. Without the needs for scheduling or travelling to training sessions, students can quickly access up-to-date training material targeting at their specific needs.

Through SAP Learning Hub, students can prepare for future employment on their chosen career path or prepare for SAP certification exams. With a wide range of high quality content and optional live access to training systems from SAP, students will be set up to train when and where they choose.

Program Outline - Content and Goals

Course CodeCourse TitleCourse DurationCategory Level 1
AC010eBusiness Processes in Financial Accounting20 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
AC040eBusiness Processes in Management Accounting10 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
AC410eCost Center Accounting 4 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
AC506eBasics of Product Cost Planning.12 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
AC680EAnalytics and Reporting in Management Accounting12 hoursSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
ADM100SAP Web AS Administration I5 daysSAP NetWeaver
ADM200SAP Web AS Java Administration5 daysSAP NetWeaver
ADM800Administration AS Java 7.15 daysSAP NetWeaver
ASA38rASAP Implementation methodology3 hrsSAP NetWeaver
BC100Introduction to Programming2 daysSAP NetWeaver
BC400eABAP Workbench Foundations4 hrsSAP NetWeaver
BC401eABAP Objects20 hrsSAP NetWeaver
BC430eABAP Dictionary12 hrsSAP NetWeaver
BIT40eSAP Netweaver Process Integration20 hrsSAP NetWeaver
BOAN10SAP BusinessObjects Analysis1 daySAP Business Objects
BOC315SAP Crystal Reports-Fundamentals of Report Design10 hrsSAP Business Objects
BOCE10BI - SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise 2 daysSAP Business Objects
BOCE20BI - SAP Crystal Reports for Enterprise 3 daysSAP Business Objects
BOD310SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio2 daysSAP Business Objects
BODS15SAP BusinessObjects Data Services Fundamentals12 hrsSAP Business Objects
BODS30SAP Data Services: Data Quality Transforms2 daysSAP Business Objects
BOE315SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform-Administration and Security12 hrsSAP Business Objects
BOE325SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence Platform Administering Servers (Windows)12 hrsSAP Business Objects
BOE330SA410V3.1 - SAP BO Enterprise XI 3.1: Designing and Deploying a Solution - Windows4 daysSAP Application
BOW315SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Report Design I20 hrsSAP Business Objects
BOW325SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence Advanced Report Design11 hrsSAP Business Objects
BOX315SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards 4.0 Core13 hrsSAP Business Objects
BPC030Introduction to SAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation 7.03.5 hoursSAP Corporate Performance Management
BPC410SAP BO Planning and Consolidation, version for the MS Platform: Administration4 daysSAP Application
BPC420SAP BO Planning and Consolidation, version for SAP NetWeaver: Administration5 daysSAP Application
BPC43eSAP BusinessObjects Planning and Consolidation: Reporting and Planning4 hrsSAP Application
BW001SAPNetweaver Business Intelligence5 hoursSAP Application
BW305BI - Enterprise Reporting, Query and Analysis (Part I)5 daysSAP Application
BW310BI - Enterprise Data Warehousing5 daysSAP Application
BW362rSAP BW 7.3 on SAP HANA 1.08 hrsSAP NetWeaver
CR100eCRM Customizing Fundamentals20 hrsSAP Customer Relationship Management
CR300CRM Sales5 daysSAP Application
CR600CRM Marketing5 daysSAP Application
CR700CRM Service5 daysSAP Application
EDB771Sybase IQ Query Plans and Optimization3 daysSybase
HA100eSAP HANA – Introduction4 hrsSAP Application
HA150SQL Basics for SAP HANA2 daysSAP Application
HA200rSAP HANA Administration and Operation10 hrsSAP Application
HA300eSAP HANA - Implementation and Modeling4 hrsSAP Application
HA350eSAP HANA Data Provisioning4 hrsSAP Application
HA400ABAP Programming for SAP HANA4 daysSAP Application
HA900ABAP Programming for SAP HANA4 daysSAP Application
HR050eBusiness Processes in Human Capital Management20 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
HR110eBusiness Processes in HCM Payroll5 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
HR580eAnalytics and Reporting in HCM3 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
HR800ESetting the Foundations – Introduction37minSuccess Factors Cloud HCM Suite Platform
HR801ESetting the Foundations – Customize Your Instance31minSuccess Factors Cloud HCM Suite Platform
HR802EManaging Permissions: Role Based Permissions35minSuccess Factors Cloud HCM Suite Platform
HR803EManaging Permissions: Standard Permissions24minSuccess Factors Cloud HCM Suite Platform
HR804ESetting the Foundations - Competencies30minSuccess Factors Cloud HCM Suite Platform
HR810EEmployee Central Project Team Orientation (PTO)37minTalent Solutions: Goal Management
HR811EEmployee Central Administration65minTalent Solutions: Goal Management
HR812EEmployee Central ManagementTalent Solutions: Goal Management
JA400Introduction to Java EE 55 daysSAP Netweaver
MOB01Mobility Fundamentals and Best2 daysSAP NetWeaver
MOB100SAP NetWeaver Mobile 7.1 - Development and Administration5 daysSAP NetWeaver
NW001NW001_Col10_EN SAP NetWeaver Overview6 hrsSAP Application
NW100SAP Web Application Server Overview4 hrsSAP NetWeaver
PL114eBasic Data for Procesductions Manufacturing12 hrsSAP Product Lifecycle Management
PL115rPL115r_96_EN_RCT Basic Data for Process Manufacturing6 hoursSAP Product Lifecycle Management
PL200eBusiness processes in project management12 hrsSAP Product Lifecycle Management
PL300eBusiness Processes in Plant Maintenance20 hrsSAP Product Lifecycle Management
PLM400Business Processes in Quality Management5 daysSAP Application
SAP01eSAP Overview12 hrsSAP NetWeaver
SAP129SAP Navigation2 hrsSAP Application
SAPBIeIntroduction to SAP BusinessObjects BI Solution8 hrsSAP Application
SAPCReOverview of the SAP CRM Solution10 hrsSAP CRM
SAPEPeSAP NetWeaver Portal - Fundamentals8 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SAPFIeOverview of SAP ERP Financials8 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SAPHReSAP ERP Human Capital Management Overview4 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SAPNWSAP NetWeaver - Overview3 daysSAP NetWeaver
SAPPLMOverview of the SAP PLM solution2 daysSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SAPSCeOverview of the SAP SCM Solution12 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SAPSREOverview of the SAP SRM solution12 hrsSAP Application
SAPTEeSAP NetWeaver Application Server - Fundamentals4 hrsSAP Application
SC100ePlanning Overview (ERP)8 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SC130eSAP ERP Planning & Manufacturing Overview18 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SC200eBusiness process in planning5 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SC240eProduction Planning in ERP20 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SC300eManufacturing Overview12 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SC310eProduction Orders in ERP20 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SC500eProcesses in Procurement20 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SC510eInventory Management and Physical Inventory20 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SC600eBusiness Processes in Sales and Distribution22 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SC601eProcesses in Logistics Execution12 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SC605eSales Processing in SAP ERP20hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SC615eBilling in SAP ERP8 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
SM001eIntroduction to SAP Solution Manager4 hrsSAP Application
SM100SAP Solution Manager for Operations of SAP Solutions5 daysSAP NetWeaver
SMP130SAP Mobility for Enterprise Architects2 daysSAP Application
SMP140SAP Mobility for Application Architects3 daysSAP Application
SMP521SAP Mobile Platform (SMP 2.3) - Native and Hybrid Application Development5 daysSAP Application
SMP620SAP Mobile Platform 2.3 - Native and Hybrid Application Administration5 daysSAP Application
TAW10ABAP Basics 10 daysSAP Application
TAW11eABAP Details10 hrs SAP Application
TAW12ABAP Objects and How To Use It10 daysSAP Application
TBI10BW Query Design and Analysis5 daysSAP Application
TBI20BW - Web Application Designer & EDW Basics5 daysSAP Application
TBI30Integrating SAP BW with SAP BI Solutions5 daysSAP Application
TERP01SAP ERP Business Process Basics and Navigation2.5 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
TERP10SAP ERP - Integration of Business Processes11 daysSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
TERP20SAP Financial and SAP Management Accounting Basics4 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
TERP30Human Capital Management in SAP ERP3 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
TERP40Purchase-to-Pay Processing in SAP ERP5 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
TERP50Plan-to-Produce Processing in SAP ERP8hrs SAP Enterprise Resource Planning
TERP65Order-to-Cash Processing in SAP ERP5 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
TERP71Program and Project Management4 hoursSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
TERP75Project Systems in SAP ERP4 hrsSAP Enterprise Resource Planning
TERP80Internal Orders, Fixed Assets, and Enterprise Asset Management in SAP ERP6 hrsSAP ERP
TFIN20Management Accounting I11 daysSAP Application
TFIN22_1Management Accounting II10 daysSAP Application
TFIN22_2Management Accounting II10 daysSAP Application
TFIN50Financial Accounting I10 daysSAP Application
TFIN52Financial Accounting II (incl. Case Study)10 daysSAP Application
THR10_1Management & Administration I10 daysSAP Application
THR10_2Management & Administration I10 daysSAP Application
THR12Management & Administration II10 daysSAP Application
TSCM50_1Procurement I10 daysSAP Application
TSCM50_2Procurement I10 daysSAP Application
TSCM52_1Procurement II (incl. Case Study)10 daysSAP Application
TSCM52_2Procurement II (incl. Case Study)10 daysSAP Application
TSCM60Order Fulfillment I11 daysSAP Application
TSCM62_1Order Fulfillment II10 daysSAP Application
TSCM62_2Order Fulfillment II10 daysSAP Application
ACKA1SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Accounts Payable
ACKA2SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Accounts Receivable
ACKA4SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Management Accounting
BOKA1SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Platform
BOKA2SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Web Intelligence
BOKA3SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Explorer
BOKA4SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP Crystal Reports
BOKA5SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Dashboards
BOKA6SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edn for OLAP
BOKA7SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, Edn for Microsoft Office
BPCKA1SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP Business Planning & Consolidation 7.5
HCMKA1SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Human Capital Management
SCMKA5SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Purchasing
SCMKA6SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP ERP: Sales Order Processing
CRMKA1SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP CRM: Sales
CRMAK2SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP CRM: Service
CRMAKA3SAP Knowledge Acceleration, Version SAP CRM: Marketing