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TAW1e - ABAP Programming

About ABAP Programming

ABAP Programming will allow the user to:

• Work with the ABAP Workbench tools
• Write your own simple ABAP Programs
• Carry out database read accesses
• Develop simple reuse components (subroutines, function modules and methods) and use them in programs
• Program dynamic screen processing
• Program user dialogs using the different screen elements in the SAP system
• Describe the function of the ABAP Dictionary in the SAP system
• Define database objects and use them
• Create and administer user-defined data types
• Use the services in the ABAP Dictionary
• Understand how the ABAP Dictionary is linked to the development and runtime environments.


• TAW10 ABAP Workbench Fundamentals
• TAW12 ABAP Workbench Concepts
• TAW11e ABAP Details