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TSCM5e - SAP Procurement

About SAP Procurement

SAP Procurement allows the user to see insights of the processes involved with procurement from an SAP system. On completion graduates will be confident in the following:

• Explain and use the basic functions of external procurement in SAP ERP
• Make the necessary settings for consumption-based planning
• Use special functions of purchasing
• Operate with the functions of logistics invoice verification
• Enter goods movements in the SAP ERP system and make the relevant settings for special functions
• Prepare and perform a physical inventory of warehouse stock
• Make customizing settings in materials management
• Utilize their knowledge directly as a junior consultant in a first period of practice

Content Covered:

• Procurement of stock material, consumable material, and services
• Master data of materials management: material, vendor, purchasing info record, source list, quota arrangement
• Documents and functions of purchasing: purchase requisition, request for quotation/quotation, purchase order, contract, scheduling agreement, source determination, and document release procedure
• Planning procurement proposals using consumption-based planning, especially the procedure of reorder point planning
• Details and customizing settings of logistics invoice verification
• Reports
• Automation options in the external procurement process
• Goods receipts, goods issues, and transfer postings
• Reservations
• Special forms of inventory management
• Preparation and performance of a physical inventory
• Customizing settings for organizational levels, master data, purchasing, inventory management, physical inventory, and account determination