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TSCM6e - SAP SCM Order Fulfilment

About SAP SCM Order Fulfilment

After completing this course, graduates will be able to:
• Maintain the key master data in Sales and Distribution, and name and define the required business structures.
• Work with the various documents in Sales and Distribution. Describe the points of contact between Sales and Distribution and the areas of materials management, production and financial accounting.
• Perform analysis for the Sales and Distribution processes.
• Integrate sales in the Sales and Distribution processes.
• Configure Customizing so that it represents your specific sales requirements.
• Describe the position of shipping within the supply chain.
• Execute the various functions within shipping processing.
• Adapt the system to your requirements for shipping processing.

Subjects Included:

• SAP129 – SAP Navigation
• SM001 – Introduction to SAP Solution Manager
• TERP01 - SAP ERP Introduction
• TERP02 – SAP ERP: Introduction to SAP NetWeaver
• TERP61 – SAP ERP: Introduction to Processes in Sales Order Management
• TSCM60 – Order Fulfilment
• TSCM62 – Order Fulfilment II