July 7, 2021

7 tips to be ready for future professions

The future is NOW, and technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, 5G, big data and IoT are already transforming the world we live in and how we work.

In the coming years, between 400 and 800 million people may lose their jobs due to automation, according to a report by McKinsey consultancy.

On the other hand, professions that we never imagined will appear and this will undoubtedly affect several occupations and industries.

Check out 7 tips about how to prepare yourself for the professions of the future.

1 – Stay calm! We will still have jobs for humans!

With the automation and artificial intelligence processes, the machines will undoubtedly replace many humans. But one thing is for sure; we will always need someone to fill the gap between the machine and people.

2 – Self-knowledge is the key to your future.

Understanding yourself is essential to be able to identify what you like and what you will do well. Find out, for example, if you like to work alone or in a group, if you like to interact with people or prefer activities that require more concentration and creativity.

3 – Some skills will never go out of style

Skills such as communication (oral and written), interpersonal skills and emotional intelligence to manage relationships will continue to be essential in any area. Learning new languages and being innovative and creative in your projects will still be very important skills.

4 – Keep an eye on the market

Search, search and search. Always stay in tune with what’s on the market and what’s new in your area. Update yourself and visit job search websites, such as Linkedin and see what is being asked for that dream job. Understanding what the industry expects from you is one of the fundamental techniques in developing technical skills.

5 – Learn to learn

We often find ourselves tired and unmotivated to learn something new. At this point, we need to re-learn how to learn. Constant learning is essential, and believe me; there will never be anyone telling you which path you should follow. You will build your future on your own, and adapting yourself for every occasion is essential.

6 – Learn a little about programming

We live in a highly technological world, and this tends to increase even more in the future. Understanding programming will open many doors and possibilities for you.

7 – New generations must seek new paths

The world has changed, and what was very common, such as children following their parents’ professions, must be completely different in the future. Why? Because those markets and industries have evolved and are no longer the same as in the past generation. Being aware of this is crucial to choosing your profession and thinking about your future steps.

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Author: Joe Rocamora

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