ACBI Barista Training

Barista Training

Whether you’re someone who’d like to gain the skills to become the best barista in the business or impress family and friends on their home coffee machine with some special skills, we’re here to help! We cover the basics and more. From grinding, dosing and extracting coffee, milk texturising and pouring to flavour profiles of different blends and single origin coffee.

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Barista 101

This is a comprehensive course with a lot of content. Any person completing this level has a passion for coffee and now understands what they are aiming for when producing coffee-based drinks. They demonstrate the confidence and ability to troubleshoot when things are not right. Given time and a little guidance there speed and accuracy will improve. 

A person with this certificate has demonstrated the following skills:
- Understanding the espresso coffee machine, grinder, cleaning& maintenance
- Understanding the 5 extraction variables, milk texturing and common coffee drinks


Latte Art 101

This is a course which is designed for people who want to improve their milk texturing and pouring skills. As the latte art skill is essential for a lot of top café’s barista. Given time and a little practice they will be able to pour basic patterns and develop their latte art skills later.

People who have completed this course have demonstrated the following skills:
- Understanding the principle of how to texture milk for latte art.
- Understanding why pouring is important for coffee.
- Understanding how to pour basic patterns (love heart, tulip, rosetta).