October 20, 2021

Design Thinking: create or reposition a business

Design Thinking: how this process can help you create or reposition a business

Understand why this method is so efficient to solve what is not going well or to draw the basis for a company’s performance

Thinking within traditional work models is a thing of the past. Today, the world calls for flexibility and a comprehensive, out-of-the-box vision. In this sense, design thinking is the best method for dealing with problems and creating intelligent solutions. In the past, there was a simplistic methodology to solve what was wrong, and we know that there are more aspects and people to get to the solution, and that’s where design thinking comes in.

This method is a way to solve problems and develop projects or products, taking all the people involved in the different stages of the work. The basis of everything is empathy. According to Joe Rocamora, it is necessary to build empathy to generate innovation. In this way, the individuals on the project need to understand others’ perspectives and interests to design the problem and find the solution.


If a company has a logistics problem, it is not enough to analyse what happens in that specific sector. It is necessary to understand all the processes before transport to find the root of what is not going well, which can be a driver’s dissatisfaction with his salary or his boss. So it’s clear that the problem is with the payroll or leadership, not the distribution sector.

 “Design thinking creates a format for everyone to understand all the processes that happened, putting people to talk as an equal. This establishes an empathic situation, making it easier to solve the problem”, says Joe, explaining that the method also goes beyond and can be applied in a new business.

If a person intends to work in the “husband-for-hire” style, he can think of a way to innovate in this niche since many people provide services at home. Design thinking helps this small entrepreneur to think about how to be different, based on questions such as: which people have not yet been served with this work and how can I serve them?

From these questions, creative solutions can arise, such as being a surrogate husband who works exclusively with LGBTQI+ clients, who may feel more comfortable hiring someone who will not discriminate against them.

If you want to learn more about it, you need to read the book “Tim Brown’s Change by Design”. The book is a guide for creative leaders who seek to propose design thinking in all facets of their organisations, products, or services to discover new alternatives for business and society.

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Author: Joe Rocamora

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