ACBI Goes Green


How we’re helping?

In light of society’s pursuit to go green, ACBI is transitioning to become one of the first colleges to go paperless. A proud feat, and a definitely a work in progress – our means to go green ties well with our new, popular course, the Certificate IV in Environmental Management and Sustainability.

This qualification reflects the role of individuals who are engaged in environmental management and sustainability in a range of workplace contexts. It covers the skills and knowledge required to monitor and address environmental issues in a variety of industry sectors – qualities that we think are integral for safeguarding the environmental resources of our planet.

Student Outcomes

Students who graduate from VET courses are surveyed approximately 6 months after they have completed their training.

Top 3 Occupational Outcomes

Following are the top 3 occupation groups that surveyed graduates of the Agriculture, Environmental and Related Studies field of education (at Certificate IV qualification levels) are employed as:

  • Labourers (27.0%)

  • Technicians and Trades Workers (23.5%)

  • Professionals (17.6%)