What is Enterprise Resource Planning?


ACBI’s Diploma of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) can transform your abilities into an asset. Learn how to pioneer a company, discover ways to maximize your revenue, and fulfill customer needs using ERP systems and processes.

Studying ERP comprehensively encompasses the strategies and operations needed to run a business. These include accounting, procurement, manufacturing, and human resources. ERP comes to play as it ties all of these features into one system. It covers the complete process from receiving a customer order, to delivering it through purchasing materials, scheduling and executing production and finally, to delivering the final product to customers.

The ERP system ultimately becomes the pillar on which the company is based on, and is often linked to an ERP software. The most famous one is SAP, and have partnered with the Australian College of Business Intelligence to develop this Diploma. The ERP software system teaches how each department interacts and cohesively works together in order to develop the best results for the business. For more information on Enterprise Resource Planning, read here.