Why start a career in Human Resources?


Professionals in the Human Resources Industry perform a valued, central role within businesses and organizations. Human Resource professionals previously focused mainly on administrative tasks in the recruitment and hiring of employees, managing company benefits programs and managing employee relations. However, over the last few decades, Human Resource positions have taken on higher and more significant roles in the shaping of corporate structure, strategies and policies. Due to the growing importance of Human Resource professionals, careers in the field are highly sought after.

Human Resource careers comprise of a variety of duties and tasks dealing with the human capital, namely the employees of businesses and organizations. They administer programs, manage issues or complaints, establish company policies and run performance assessments. There are Human Resource generalists and Human Resource specialists who provide expertise in training employees, developing and facilitating pension plans and ensuring legal compliance of employees and business practices.


As companies realize the growing importance of recruiting and training the best candidates for positions in their fields, corporate culture and benefits programs become increasingly important. Attracting the most qualified employees can increase business productivity and strategies to give companies a lead over their competitors. Multinational corporations also create an important role for Human Resource professionals to manage the workforce and supervise employee regulations in various countries. This makes effective Human Resource professionals vital to the company to ensure the best and most cost-effective employees are on their team.

Human Resource positions have a significant impact on an organizations overall success and profits and are represented in management teams. Much of their work is now focused on developing strategic plans as well as functionally managing company talent. Individuals pursuing a career in Human Resources should obtain a Bachelors degree in Human Resources or Business Administration. Many Human Resources professionals start out as Human Resources Assistants or with smaller companies where they can gain experience performing many different roles and tasks. There is room for creativity and innovation in the field to analyses and develop optimal policies and practices.