During the Microsoft Project short course students will able to define, plan and run a real-world industry project from A to Z.


The Microsoft Project software helps you execute projects quickly and efficiently. In this short course, you will learn how to create, schedule and manage tasks and resources for various projects, and use reporting features to track and analyse a project.

Who benefits from this training?

This short course is ideal for students currently studying a qualification related to project management, also professionals such as project managers, coordinators or team members who need to track projects electronically.

Learning Objectives

  • Initial settings of the software

  • Defining the project calendar

  • Defining a real project as well as its tasks and creating its WBS; Priority of projects in portfolios

  • Tasks entry to the software, duration estimation; Predecessor and successor relations between tasks, and how to indent (3 methods)

  • Time constraints definition and how to apply for each task; Deadline and milestone in software

  • Resource definition, resource assignment, calendar for resources, resource pool, over allocation problem and its solutions, resource leveling (manual and automatic)

  • Baseline(s)

  • PMS definition

  • Updating projects (manual and automatic)

  • Percent complete types

  • S-curve graph

  • Project Indexes (what managers really need: SPI, CPI, SCI, BCWS)

  • Cost performance and reports

  • Custom fields and other settings


Quick Course Guide

Delivery mode - on campus

Course Duration - 20 hours

Location - Sydney Campus