August 5, 2021

Our Flagship Course Is Coming To An End

Our flagship course is now coming to an end. ACBI’s Diploma of Enterprise Resource Planning will wave goodbye this month for its final in-take.

As we look back over the last few years, certainly there was a beginning, and thankfully there was also progress and yes – undeniably we have been successful!

But let’s begin where all good stories begin – at the beginning!

Who can forget a first day of class? Nervous students, trainers and staff all excited on this new journey. We all came together with a common purpose in mind – to encourage and develop lifelong learning for the future of workforce.

Day-by-day we focused on our goal, keeping together and working together. Despite the hurdles over the last few years, we did our best and succeed in many ways. We faced some incredible and memorable moments – moments that we chose to use as stepping stone as we tenaciously pursued our common goals. And what progress we made, as just a few of the following highlights attest to:

We had more than 350 students over the last five years. Most are continuing their studies in higher education, some are proudly working in the industry, and a few completing the program with us this year.

We want you to know that we feel very fortunate to have had the chance to be the top training provider for Diploma of Enterprise Resource Planning. Not only did our students’ skills improved, but they have grown up to become such amazing individuals.

To our dear Diploma of Enterprise Resource Planning students and alumnus, may you always lead by example and work hard and play straight.

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