ACBI Student Testimonials

Student Testimonials –


Meet Gloria.

“I joined ACBI 6 months ago and my experienced has been amazing with them.

I found the location really convenient, because it is in the heart of the city, 5 minutes from central station and close to  many bus stops, so it fits perfectly with my everyday life style.

The staff  is very kind and helpful. The teachers are amazing and really supportive . The college is equipped with great IT infrastructure and the latest technology which facilitates the delivery of each program.

I am 100% convinced to keep doing my studies with ACBI during my stay in Australia. Without a doubt, ACBI is a great place to be. During my course, I’ve learned a lot thanks to my teacher who is a fantastic person, always eager to pass his knowledge to all students. Moreover, he really knows what he’s talking about as he has professionally worked within the industry for several years. 

What made my experience even more unforgettable was that I’ve met many interesting people from all over the world there. I’m sure that the knowledge and entire experience from my studies will be advantageous in my professional career.”

Gloria Cristina Garces Beltran, Colombia – Current Student Diploma of Digital Media Technologies


Say hi to Daniele!

“I started studying at ACBI one year ago and since the beginning, found the staff to be very friendly and always willing to help students with any problems or questions, even if it was not school related.

The school always organizes interesting events in order to get to know students from other classes and to also allow students with different talents to meet up and collaborate. The teachers are well prepared and they care about the students and their future.

I completed Certificate III in Digital Media Marketing where I mastered topics that I already had some knowledge in but I also learnt new skills, like how to build a website and how to properly use a range of different coding languages.”

Daniele Cazzato, Italy – Current Student Diploma of International Business


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