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Bridging The Gap Between It and Business People


This is a two day course that aims to bridge the gap between IT and Business, a recognised problem in many organisations that is not often addressed. This course aims at enabling people with diverse backgrounds in Business and IT to succeed in their collaboration efforts when creating innovative technological solutions for better business outcomes.

On the first day:
• Intercultural team work
• Powerful Presentations
• Questioning and Listening Skills
• Business 101s (IT People)
• IT 101s (Business People)
• Self-Assessments with peer debriefs

On the second day:
• Feedback Skills
• Power presentations with group feedback
• Communication Skills
• Diversity
• Design Thinking

Benefits for the organisation

• High individual and team productivity.
• Successful projects with high business outcomes.
• High employee engagement through culture of trust, collaborative achievement and expectation of an exciting future.
• Achieve operational and strategic goals through alignments of all parties.
• Potential for disruptive innovation from combining diverse intelligences in the organisation.
• Cross-functional talent with leadership potential for succession planning.
• Digitalisation effect across organisation.