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  • Email: info@acbi.edu.au

Terms and Conditions

The following terms and conditions constitute the agreement between you (the undersigned) and ACBI for the provision of your course.

How to apply for enrolment at ACBI 

Complete your ACBI Application Form

Send your completed form, and your non-refundable Enrolment Fee of AUD250, to ACBI. You must attach certified copies of all documents that are requested on the Application Form. For information about certified copies please refer to the Guidelines for Admission.

How to pay:

We accept credit cards (3% surcharge), bank transfer and debit cards. Cash is not accepted.

Application checklist to assist you to complete your application form – Have you…

  1. Completed all sections of the application form?
  2. Read and signed the declaration?
  3. Enclosed certified copies of your passport and visa?
  4. Enclosed certified copies of qualifications?
  5. Enclosed certified copies of English language proficiency?
  6. Enclosed any other certified documents requested in the application form?
  7. Enclosed AUD250 for the (non-refundable) enrolment fee?

A “Letter of Offer”

ACBI will assess your application and if you are accepted you will be sent a “Letter of Offer”.

Accepting an offer and payment of fees

If you wish to accept the offer you are required to pay:

– Either the full fee or a portion of the fee for your course(s) – usually the first instalment (up to a maximum of 24 weeks of tuition) for VET courses;

– PLUS Overseas Student Health Cover and any other fees as detailed in the letter of offer.

Further tuition fee instalments are to be paid per term which is usually 10 or 14 weeks, in advance. A fee schedule will be forwarded to you.


Once you have paid your fees ACBI will issue an eCoE. The eCoE will be sent to you, or your agent, by mail, email or fax. You must submit the eCoE to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) as below.

Submit your Australian Student Visa application

Depending on the Country Assessment Level as indicated by DIBP, you may need your “Letter of Offer” before you apply for your visa. For more information please contact your nearest High Commission, Australian Embassy or Consulate or visit the DIBP website: www.immi.gov.au.


All Tuition fees will be included on your Letter of Offer. All other fees (for changes or refunds) are published in our Administration Fee Schedule on our website – please see our website.

Overdue Fee Collection Policy and Process

Step 1 – Notice 1: Fees Reminder and Invoice

You will be posted a fees reminder and an invoice four weeks before your tuition fee is due. It will also be emailed to your agent. This invoice will be the First Notice and you are required to pay by the due date.

Step 2 – Final Reminder: Intention to Report

If your fees become overdue by 7 working days immediate payment is required and a final reminder, an Intention to Report notice, will be posted to you.

A copy will be emailed to your agent. (This step will be recorded on your personal records at ACBI.)

Step 3 – Appeal or Payment

You will have 20 working days to appeal in writing or to contact the College regarding payment.

Step 4 – Reporting to DIBP

If payment in full, or a legitimate written request for appeal, is not received from you the College will report you to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for failure to pay fees. Your CoE will be terminated and your visa may be cancelled.

Step 5 – Student Exclusion

If your CoE is cancelled you will not be able to attend classes until the situation is resolved and your account settled.

Orientation on arrival

Orientation is conducted on your first day at College. It is designed to inform you about College life and to introduce you to your course. In addition, you will meet your trainer and other College staff, have a tour of the College and be informed of College policies and procedures.

Academic Honesty Policy

ACBI is committed to the academic right that students receive credit for the work submitted by them for assessment. Part of this right is that it is clearly unfair for students to submit work for assessment that appears to be their own but is copied from others with or without acknowledging the source. This kind of activity represents a form of academic fraud.

ACBI is committed to developing a student’s research and literacy skills that will enable them to avoid plagiarism or any other form of academic dishonesty including collusion, cheating, claiming credit for group work without actively participating, and recycling.

Plagiarism is using the words or ideas of others without acknowledging the source. It can be deliberate cheating or simply failing to acknowledge copied work. Plagiarism includes:

– Using other people’s ideas and presenting them in your own words

– Downloading an essay or other material from the internet and submitting it as your own work.

– Purchasing an assignment and submitting it as your own work.

– Using a friends work to submit for assessment

– Using the words from a book or website without referencing it

– Using other people’s words

– Presenting large amounts of quoted work with little of your own input.

Students who are found to have plagiarised will receive a fail grade in an assessment. A repeat offense may lead to the student being asked to leave the College. Students are advised to seek assistance to develop appropriate research and writing skills in order to avoid any form of academic dishonesty.

Cheating in all forms including copying from another student or the use of phones and other electronic devices in examinations and assessments will be regarded as a breach of this policy. Proven dishonesty or cheating will result in failure in an assessment. A repeat offense may lead to the student being asked to leave the College.

Accepting the Agreement

1. You will have accepted the Conditions of Enrolment by signing the Confirmation of Acceptance section below;

2. The date you sign the Confirmation is the Agreement Date;

3. These Conditions of Enrolment are provided to you in your Confirmation of Acceptance.

Your Obligations

4. By Accepting this Agreement you:

a) Agree to comply with the ACBI Student Policies and Procedures as published on the ACBI website and

b) Confirm that you fulfill all entry requirements and have the required equipment, as specified on the ACBI website and Pre-enrolment handbook, for the course in which you are enrolling; and

C) Confirm that all information provided to ACBI at the time of enrolment was accurate and complete, including anything that may impact on our ability to complete the course (such as disability) and

d) Agree to pay all requisite fees associate with your course, if applicable and

e) Acknowledge and accept the Schedule of Administration Fees as published on the ACBI website.

5. You acknowledge that:

a) You will be required to access a computer and use the internet throughout the duration of the course.

b) You may be required to use additional computing equipment or software for ACBI courses from time to time.

c) Additional learning materials may only be available through the online learning system.

6. You acknowledge that the course fee does not include

a) Postage of any assessments or other materials by you to ACBI

b) Any materials that are listed as Computer Requirements or Additional Requirements for your course on the ACBI website, or

c) Travel or other personal costs associated with excursions as part of your study program.

7. It is your responsibility to inform ACBI in writing within seven days of any corrections or changes to your personal details including name, residential or other personal information.

8. It is your responsibility to retain a copy of all assessments submitted to ACBI for the duration of your course.

9. You must maintain a current email address for the duration of your course and you acknowledge that ACBI will officially communicate with you via email and through our online learning platform.

10. All Australian College of Business Intelligence students are subject to the College Disciplinary Policy and Procedures and to Australian Law. The Australian College of Business Intelligence reserves the right to expel students who are considered to have contravened these conditions. No fees are refunded to students who are expelled. Policies are available on our website.

ACBI’S Obligations

11. Under this Agreement, ACBI agrees to:

a) Supply you with course materials for each study period of your course after payment for that period;

b) Provide you with access to our online learning platform

c) Provide you with access to learning and administrative support; and

d) Grade your assessments until the expiry of your course.

12. Provide RPL services – Students may apply for exemptions by providing evidence of relevant skills and knowledge. These exemptions will only be granted when all the stated learning outcomes and performance criteria of the Vocational Education and Training (VET) course unit/s have been demonstrated.

13. ACBI will provide you with course materials, assessments and support for subsequent study periods of your course as you:

a) Successfully complete a prior study period; and

b) Pay all requisite Course Fees

14. ACBI will provide feedback and grades for your assessments through our online learning platform.

15. On successful completion of all assessments and the full payment of the Course Fee, ACBI will issue you appropriate certification for your course.

Paying your Course Fees

16. If you are paying your Course Fee by installments you must:

a) Complete a Credit Card Authorization; and

b) Pay all such Instalments on or before the due date

17. If you fail to pay any one or more instalments of your Course Fee by the due date, ACBI will provide you with notice to remedy this. If you have not paid these instalments within 14 days of such notice being provided to you.

a) You will be required to pay an additional administrative fee as outlined in the Schedule of Administrative Fees;

b) ACBI reserves the right to

a) Withhold grading of assessments; or

b) Restrict access to online eLearning platform.

c) Withhold grading of assessments; or

d) Notify relevant credit agencies of your default.

c) If you are in arrears with three or more instalments, the total outstanding balance of the Course Fee will become due and payable.

Course Duration, Approved Leave and Extension

18. You must complete your course within the course duration as specified on the ACBI website.

19. ACBI will only permit approval of leave for major illness, accident or exceptional compassionate circumstances, for example, family bereavement. The length of Approved Leave is to be strictly in keeping with the reason for the leave.

20. Students must apply for Approved Leave:

a) in writing and

b) submit supporting documentation, for example, a medical certificate from a registered medical doctor.

21. To apply for a Course Extension you must:

a) Meet the conditions for leave above,

b) Have paid all Course Fees, and

c) Submit a Course Extension Request Form to ACBI prior to the expiry date; and

d) Satisfy the conditions for course extension through re-assessment or other policies set by ACBI, and

e) Pay any additional fees as outlined in the Schedule of Administration Fees.

22. A Course Extension may be granted if:

a) You satisfy the criteria set out in clause 21 above; and

b) There are no material changes to the training package in respect of your course; and

c) Your current course is not in a teach-out period

23. If your course extension is approved you will not be entitled to any refund or partial refund.

Course Deferral

24. ACBI understands that students may encounter difficulties or changed circumstances that could impact on their ability to pursue their studies. In such cases, students should apply for a Course Deferral. Students may defer the commencement of studies on the grounds of serious illness or injury. A student may request to suspend their studies during the course based on the same evidence.

25. To apply for a Course Deferral, you must:

a) Be up-to-date with all the course fees;

b) Submit a Course Deferral Request Form to ACBI, including the relevant sections completed by a Medical Doctor where relevant and

c) Pay any additional fees as outlined in the Schedule of Administrative Fees.

26. A Course Deferral of up to 6 months will be granted in circumstances where:

a) You satisfy the criteria set out in clause 25 above; and

b) You or a member of your immediate family have been hospitalized or become seriously ill for an extended period of time and such hospitalization or serious illness is supported by a medical certificate; or

c) ACBI is of the opinion that you would be unreasonably disadvantaged if you were not granted a Course Deferral.

27. If a Course Deferral is approved, ACBI may:

a) Agree with an alternative payment plan, which may include deferral of instalments for up to 6 months;

a) Provide additional academic and learning support services.

Course Transfer

28. ACBI understands that some students may wish to pursue an alternative course after commencing their studies with ACBI. In such cases, you can apply for a Course Transfer.

29. To apply for a course transfer you must

a) Be up-to-date with all Course Fees;

b) Submit a Course Transfer Request Form to ACBI

c) Pay any additional fees as outlined in the Schedule of Administrative Fees.

30. A Course Transfer Request will be approved if:

a) You satisfy the criteria set out in in clause 29 above.

b) You meet the entry requirements for the course you wish to transfer to;

c) The course that you wish to transfer to is taking new enrolments; and

d) You pay the Transfer fee as outlined in the Schedule of Administrative Fees.

31. If the new course is of greater value than your current course, then you will need to pay such additional Course Fees;

32. If the new course is of lesser value than your current course, then:

a) You will need to continue to pay for your current Course Fee; and

b) You may use the difference between the current Course Fee and new Course Fee towards a future course with ACBI. Any such future course must be commenced within 6 months of the completion of the new course.

33. For the avoidance of doubt, Course Fees will not be refunded as a result of a course transfer.

Changes during your Studies

34. ACBI is a Registered Training Organization and is governed by Australian regulations with which ACBI must comply. You acknowledge that ACBI may be required to make changes to your course and the ACBI Student Policies and Procedures from time to time.

35. Apart from, and in addition to, changes that may be required under clause 34, ACBI may make changes to your course.

36. If a material change is made pursuant to clauses 34 or 35, ACBI will:

a) Provide you with 14 days’ notice by email of the change; and

b) Work with you to address any potential disadvantage as a result of the change, which may include:

  • Extending the duration of your course.
  • Providing additional learning support resources
  • Facilitating your transfer to a different ACBI course.

c) ACBI may also update the Schedule of Administration Fees where such updates will be provided to you with 14 days’ notice by email.

Cancel and Refund

37. If you wish to terminate your studies before the completion of your course, you must notify ACBI in writing with 14 days’ notice period.

38. A refund of the Course Fee, less the applicable Administration Fees as outlined in the Schedule of Administration Fees, will only be issued if ACBI receives the Cancellation Request with 14 days’ notice.

39. If you fail to notify ACBI of your Cancellation Request with 14 days’ notice, you will be liable to pay the Course Fee to ACBI in full, unless otherwise stated in the terms of this Agreement.

40. REFUND APPEALS Students not satisfied with the calculated refund may refer to the Australian College of Business Intelligence student complaint procedure. The agreement and the appeals process do not remove the student’s right to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

41. AUSTRALIAN COLLEGE OF BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE DEFAULT. In the event of a default by the Australian College of Business Intelligence, students are entitled to a refund. If the Australian College of Business Intelligence does not offer a course on the advertised start date, terminates a course after the course start date and before the course completion date, or does not provide a course as advertised, due to sanctions or circumstances beyond its control, the Australian College of Business Intelligence will refund the tuition fee (including any deposit) to the student within 14 days after the default date or offer an alternative course with another provider at no extra cost.

Special Consideration

42. ACBI understands that some students may experience:

a) Prolonged difficulties that may impact on their ability to complete their course; or

b) A significant disadvantage as a result of a course change.

In such cases, students should apply for Special Consideration.

43. To apply for Special Consideration, you must:

a) Be up-to-date with all Course Fees; and

b) Submit a Special Consideration Request Form to ACBI, Including the relevant sections completed by a Medical Doctor, and any other requested additional supporting documentation.

44. ACBI may grant special consideration in circumstances where:

a) You satisfy the criteria set out above and;

b) You have applied for and been granted a Course Deferral and the circumstances under which you were granted a Course Deferral are continuing and serious circumstances which will materially affect your ability to continue with your course; or

c) There has been a material change to your course resulting in a material disadvantage.

45. If Special Consideration is granted, ACBI may agree to:

a) An extension of your course;

b) Provide you with additional support services;

c) Release you from the payment of future instalments; and/or

d) Grant a pro-rata refund of the Course Fees.

46. Without limitation, Special Consideration, will not be given if:

a) You change jobs;

b) Your work hours change;

c) You move address;

d) You find the course more difficult, time consuming or stressful than you had expected, or

e) You are made redundant, retrenched, or otherwise resign from or terminate your employment or have your employment terminated.

Other Terms

47. If your course prepares you to undertake external examinations you are responsible for establishing your own eligibility and making arrangements to attend and pay for any fees and charges.

48. The course material that ACBI provides to you shall become your property. However, the content of the course materials, including copyright and all other such intellectual property rights contained therein, remain the property of ACBI or a nominated third party. You may not reproduce any part of the course materials or assessments without the prior written consent of ACBI.

49. This Agreement is governed by the laws of New South Wales. The agreement and the appeals process do not remove the student’s right to take action under Australia’s consumer protection laws.

50. By Accepting this Agreement:

a) You are warranting that you are not legally bankrupt; and

b) You are giving your consent to ACBI undertaking a credit card check on you.