Disabilities & Disadvantages Support

Disabilities & Disadvantages Support

At ACBI, we are committed to supporting students from diverse backgrounds. This includes students who have disabilities or who experience disadvantages.

We take a student-centred approach to personalising and individualising training experiences.

Support for students with disabilities

Students with disabilities are welcome at ACBI. If you have a disability, we will make reasonable adjustments to your studies wherever possible to help you successfully complete your qualification.

For example, ACBI may be able to provide accessible classrooms, notetaking support, course material in alternate formats, extensions for assessments, alternate assessment tasks, Auslan interpreters, or other adjustments.

If you have a disability and require support, please get in touch with our academic team by emailing academics@acbi.edu.au.

Support for students experiencing disadvantage

ACBI aims to make education accessible to people from a wide range of backgrounds, including those that involve disadvantages.

If you need assistance, please reach out to our student support team by emailing student.support@acbi.edu.au.

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