MSS015049 Conduct a sustainable water use audit

MSS015049 Conduct a sustainable water use audit (Short course)

Elevate your career with valuable water audit and management skills

Discover the world of water audits with this comprehensive short course. Learn to identify, analyse and optimise water usage in an organisational process. Be empowered to lead sustainability initiatives relating to water management. Drive meaningful change and advance your career in the rapidly evolving field of sustainability.

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Build your water management knowledge

Dive deep into water management techniques, learning to identify and analyse water usage, categorise water sources, and develop impactful improvement strategies. This course equips you with the skills to conduct thorough water audits and recommend effective solutions.

Learn practical skills

Be equipped to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Learn how to calculate actual and theoretical water use, undertake comprehensive water balance analyses and develop actionable strategies to enhance water efficiency in any organisation.

Be equipped to propose strategic improvements

Gain skills in developing strategic plans to improve water usage. Discover how to conduct cost-benefit analyses, prioritise improvement strategies and communicate effectively with stakeholders to implement sustainable water management practices.

Advance your sustainability career

Stand out in the sustainability field with specialised knowledge in water management. This course equips you with sought-after skills, paving the way for career advancement in various sectors focused on environmental sustainability and resource efficiency.

Get a taste of the Diploma of Sustainable Operations

Study one unit from the popular MSS50122 Diploma of Sustainable Operations qualification. This is delivered over a period of 5 weeks. Enjoy access to class recordings to help you better understand key water audit concepts and complete your optional assessment.

Gain an optional, nationally recognised Statement of Attainment

If you choose to complete the associated assessment for this short course, you can a gain nationally recognised Statement of Attainment for the following unit of competency:

  • MSS015049 Conduct a sustainable water use audit

You can also receive a microcredential badge for this unit of competency, so you can highlight your achievement to employers on your LinkedIn profile and more. You may will also be able to gain Recognition of Prior Learning and get credit for these units as towards a Diploma of Sustainable Operations.

To learn more about gaining your nationally recognised statement of attainment, please get in touch.


Enjoy interactive, collaborative learning

Gain real world insights you can apply to your workplace (and future career)

Engage in structured learning sessions led by an experienced industry professional.

Enhance your professional development with industry-specific knowledge and practical skills.

Join a collaborative group learning environment, sharing ideas and connecting with like-minded professionals

Receive dedicated support for your assessments.

Engage in interactive Q&A sessions.

Be updated on industry best practices with real-world case studies.

What you'll learn

You’ll gain valuable, in-demand skills and knowledge in:
  • Identifying and categorising water use in organisational processes
  • Executing comprehensive water audits
  • Analysing and optimising water consumption and quality
  • Developing water usage improvement strategies
  • Understanding and applying relevant regulatory and sustainability frameworks
  • Navigating various water quality and conservation approaches
  • Effectively engaging stakeholders on water management.

About your trainer

Cameron Price

Cameron is a seasoned professional with a rich background in sustainability, management and training. He is a dedicated advocate for sustainability, with a focus on nature-based solutions, ecosystem restoration, sustainable finance and sustainable supply chains. Armed with a Bachelor of Forest Science, Diploma of Sustainability, and a host of other diplomas and certificates, Cameron boasts a comprehensive understanding of sustainability’s intricacies.

Cameron is currently an Executive Advisor at Climateers, where he has led the development of a taxonomy of climate solutions and represented the organisation to potential investors. He also serves as a Venture Partner and Chief Operations Officer at Yenna Tech, which is introducing and integrating regenerative agriculture and brokering partnerships in Uganda and Tanzania. 

He is passionate about working to create a world where people and the environment coexist harmoniously. Engage with Cameron to explore the depths of sustainability, learn from his experience, and be inspired to contribute to a sustainable, just and regenerative future for all.

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