Well-Being and Health

Welcome to student well-being & health

Here you can find support if you need help with your personal life, getting your academic success on track, or just want to know how to stay safe. ACBI is committed to delivering you a high-quality, well-rounded academic experience. We believe that real success is achieved when you feel well-supported, have a strong connection to the ACBI community and engage in activities that complement your study.

COVID-19 Support
COVID-19 has certainly thrown up a lot of challenges but there are some basic things we all can do to stay safe and look after our wellbeing. Start by making sure you have the basics covered like adopting physical distancing behaviours, eating well, getting enough sleep and staying on top of worrying thoughts as best you can. Everyone deals with things differently. It is important to find what works for you. 
Mental Health Strategy

The Student Mental Health and Wellbeing Strategy is designed to support the mental health, safety and wellbeing of its students, staff and affiliates. We are working to extinguish the social stigma surrounding mental health and normalise the conversation of mental health and wellbeing amongst the ACBI community. 

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Studying at home
Chances are many of you are studying from home for the first time and will continue studying online throughout the term. Studying from home certainly has its perks but it is good to set some boundaries to promote wellbeing so you don’t feel like you’re always studying.
Personal Support
Counselling services are made available to students to support them in managing personal issues that could impact on their wellbeing and study, e.g. stress, anxiety, time management or motivation. Referrals are arranged through Student Services.

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