BSB60420 Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management

Course Code: BSB60420
CRICOS Code: 104703D
Delivery mode: On Campus
Course Duration: 12 months
Location: Sydney Campus




Jobs for Business Managers by 2025




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Jobs increase in Australia per year


For those looking to further enhance their leadership and managerial skills, this course equips its students with the skills needed to become a highly valued and trusted leader within the workplace.

As a student of the Advanced Diploma of Leadership & Management, you will develop a deeper understanding of complex business problems as well as the crucial skills needed to develop and implement effective business strategy plans.

You will strengthen your skills and deepen your capabilities to lead an organisation through major changes, while also learning the important skills to navigate your team through strategic innovation plans for continuous improvement within the business.

It’s been designed for those professionals who are required to apply specialised leadership and management knowledge and skills and enables them to effectively leverage their professional experience.


By undertaking this course, you will:  

  • Learn to develop a comprehensive change management plan and implementation strategies across a variety of real-life scenarios 
  • Enhance your communication skills to effectively communicate business objectives and values to your peers 
  • Learn to constructively assign and delegate responsibilities to your workforce 
  • Refine your risk and cost-benefit analysis skills to determine suitable business solutions 
  • Familiarise yourself with the strategic process of formulating business solutions and plans 
  • Be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to start your own business 

By completing this course, you will accelerate your management career and find positions in the following roles:   

  • Area Manager 
  • Business Analyst 
  • Department Manager 
  • Business Development Manager 
BSBLDR601Lead and manage organisational change
BSBLDR602Provide leadership across the organisation
BSBCMM511Communicate with influence
BSBSTR601Manage innovation and continuous improvement
BSBOPS601Develop and implement business plans
BSBSTR602Develop organisational strategies
BSBPMG637 Engage in collaborative alliances
BSBSUS601Lead corporate social responsibility
BSBCRT611Apply critical thinking for complex problem solving
BSBCRT511Develop critical thinking in others

Every student will have an initial interview to assess their individual learning needs and their language, literacy and numeracy skills.

• Completed Australian Year 12 or equivalent
• IELTS 6.0 English language equivalence if a non-native English speaker
• Be aged over 17 for Domestic Students and over 18 for International Students.

Further Entry Requirements: 

Entry to this qualification is limited to those who:
• Have completed a Diploma or Advanced Diploma from the BSB Training Package (current or

superseded equivalent versions) or

• Have two years equivalent full-time relevant workplace experience in an operational or leadership role in an enterprise. Make sure you include evidence such as a copy of your current CV.

Blended learning – 33% online and 67% face-to-face learning.

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