BSB60720 Advanced Diploma of Program Management

Advanced Diploma of Program Management

Course Code: BSB60720
CRICOS Code: 0102092
Delivery mode: Blended learning; 33% online and 67% Interactive e-learning due to Covid-19
Course Duration: 52 weeks
Location: Sydney Campus



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By further enhancing your skills on project management, you will be introduced to the management of a complex system of Programs – a large scale project that is composed of a series of interrelated projects, each of which has its own project manager.

As a student of this course, you will deepen your understanding on the processes of overseeing and managing a program holistically to ensure all components are working collaboratively to produce a successful solution.

You will develop the critical-thinking skills to solve complex business problems, explore emotional intelligence to develop effective interactions with program stakeholders and form collaborative relationships to facilitate the most beneficial outcome for the business.


  • Projects are a critical key to any organisation’s success. By overseeing a program and the individual yet conjoining projects, you will deepen your scope of knowledge within the business.  
  • You will develop easily transferrable skills across a variety of contexts and are applicable to a large landscape of business industries. 

By studying this Program Management course, you will 

  • Be equipped with the skills to develop contractual agreements between clients and vendors  
  • Learn how to effectively liaise with key stakeholders and assess their effectiveness within a program 
  • Know how to identify and manage program risks through the development of risk management plans 
  • Learn how to implement governance requirements into your business’ program through a comprehensive understanding of management control systems. 
  • Apply your comprehensive knowledge of emotional intelligence to build and maintain successful relationships with others within the workforce as well as key program stakeholders  

Given the extensive applications of Program Management across all industry sectors, this qualification will accelerate your career and tailor your skills for the following roles: 

  • Program Manager 
  • Project Director 
  • Senior Project Manager 
BSBPMG630Enable program execution
BSBPMG634Facilitate stakeholder engagement
BSBPMG635Implement program governance
BSBPMG636Manage benefits
ICTICT612Develop contracts and manage contract performance
BSBLDR601Lead and manage organisational change
BSBPMG637Engage in collaborative alliances
BSBPMG632Manage program risk
BSBPMG633Provide leadership for the program
BSBMGT006Develop a business case
BSBPEF502Develop and use emotional intelligence

Candidates may enter the qualification through a number of entry points demonstrating the potential to undertake vocational education and training at the Advanced Diploma level, including BSB51915 – Diploma of Project Management; or 

  • Two years equivalent full-time relevant workplace experience at a significant level within a project or program environment 
  • Every student will have an initial interview to assess their individual learning needs and their language, literacy and numeracy skills.
  • Completed Australian Year 12 or equivalent
  • Be aged over 18
  • Overseas students must show evidence of IELTS 5.5 or equivalent. Please refer to ACBI’s current enrolment policy and procedure for enrolment requirements.  

Blended learning; 33% online and 67% Interactive e-learning due to Covid-19


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