Tuition Fees

The following page highlights fees for both international, domestic students, and current students.

Paying your Course Fees

If you are paying your Course Fee by instalments you must:

  • Complete a Credit Card Authorisation, or Complete a Direct Debit Request Service Agreement; and
  • Pay all such Instalments on or before the due date.

If you fail to pay anyone or more installments of your Course Fee by the due date, ACBI will provide you with notice to remedy this. If you have not paid these installments within 14 days of such notice being provided to you:

  • You will be required to pay an additional administrative fee as outlined in the Schedule of Administrative Fees;
  • ACBI reserves the right to
    • Withhold grading of assessments; or Restrict access to online eLearning platform.
    • Withhold grading of assessments; or Notify relevant credit agencies of your default.
    • If you are in arrears with three or more installments, the total outstanding balance of the Course Fee will become due and payable.

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