Digital Analytics



A growing importance in digital marketing analytics plays a crucial role in identifying business opportunities and improving operational excellence. Now more than ever before, web analytics is essential for marketers as it will help you overcome your challenges and benefit from big data. As a matter of fact, the global marketing analytics market is expected to reach $5.52 billion by 2025.

In this short course, you will learn how to get clear insights on your performance strategies and be able to study them to understand why the results have shaped in a particular way. By learning how to use web analytics tools, you can also check the real-time status of your marketing efforts and help you improve and optimize current campaigns in real time.



ACBI has partnered with Digital Technology Academy (DTA) – a start-up company dedicated to developing unique accredited courses and skill sets that are undersupplied in Australia.

Learning Objectives

Anyone who is seeking to obtain practical knowledge about digital marketing and / or individuals who are currently working in a marketing role or wish to move into a digital marketing role and want to gain a better understanding of how digital marketing can help improve your business.

  • Use data to develop actionable insights
  • Analyse the current digital marketing landscape
  • Set targets for success
  • Monitor marketing performance across multiple channels
  • Strategically use attribution models to analyse performance
Delivery Mode

This course is delivered online so you can study anywhere and anytime.

You will be presented with hypothetical and real-world case studies, with which you will work on applying your knowledge learned about digital analytics.

Payment Options

If it is not possible to make full payment at the time of enrolment, we have payment plans available to allow you to pay your fees in installments. Call 1300 23 77 41 or email to learn more about our payment options.

Unless a payment plan has been approved, fees are required to be paid in full at the time of enrolment via card, cash, BPAY, cheque.


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