Tuition Protection Service (TPS)

Tuition Protection Services (TPS)

Students at ACBI are safeguarded by a Tuition Protection Service (TPS) in accordance with Australian Government regulations. The TPS guarantees that students receive the education they paid for or, in the worst-case scenario, a reimbursement.

TPS protects students in the event that a registered provider fails to deliver a course or when a student does not initiate or complete a course with the provider.

Active involvement from students is encouraged in selecting placement options through a user-friendly online information service. In instances where a placement through TPS is not secured, eligibility for a refund of unused tuition fees may apply.

The refund encompasses the unused portion of prepaid tuition fees, with due consideration for completed study credits. ACBI is fully compliant with all TPS requirements.

In the rare case where ACBI is unable to deliver the agreed-upon course in full, a refund of all course fees paid up to that point will be promptly offered within 14 days of the course’s cessation.

As an alternative, students may choose enrolment in an available alternative course at no additional expense.

Domestic Students: 

For the student category (VET domestic upfront paying student) that is not covered by TPS, ACBI maintains an adequate restricted amount in a designated account with a reputable financial institution.

ACBI places all pre-paid tuition fees paid by students before they have commenced into a designated account. The amount of money in the account is known as ‘the protected amount.’ The designated account should be a separate bank account within the ordinary meaning of ‘account’.

This account will only be drawn down when the student commences the course.

International Students: 

In situations where ACBI cannot provide a refund or an alternative course, the TPS Director will explore suitable alternative options if available. ACBI commits to notifying relevant authorities and impacted students promptly.

ACBI recognises and respects students’ right to engage independent third parties for dispute resolution, maintaining their right to pursue legal remedies.

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