10787NAT Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing

Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing

Course Code: 10787NAT
CRICOS Code: 0100514
Delivery mode: On Campus
100% online study is available for domestic students
Course Duration: 12 months
Location: Sydney Campus



Demand for digital marketing skills in 5 years



Job postings in 2nd quarter of 2020



Jobs will be automated in the next three years


By undertaking this course, students will refine their skills in specialised areas such as Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), programmatic advertising, social media strategy, digital analytics, budgets and content strategy.

Graduates of the Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing will be equipped to develop and implement effective multi-channel strategies.

This qualification will give graduates the skills and knowledge they need to advance their career in digital marketing.

This Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing is well suited to people who wish to secure specialist or management positions within digital marketing.

By undertaking this course, you will be equipped with the highly valuable skills that are needed to propel your career in digital marketing. You will be eligible for roles such as the following: 

• Conversion Rate Optimisation Manager
• SEO and SEM Specialist
• Content Strategist
• Digital Marketing Specialist
• Digital Marketing Manager
• Digital Marketing Strategist
• Marketing Analytics Manager
• Email Marketing Specialist

DGMMED002Plan and conduct marketing through social media
DGMANA001Use web analytics tools to gather data on marketing performance
DGMSEO001Build and implement a search engine optimisation strategy
DGMSEM001Create and manage paid search campaigns
DGMMED001Plan and conduct email marketing
DGMCON001Develop and implement a content strategy for digital publication
DGMMED003Build and conduct display and video advertising
DGMWEB001Optimise a website within a digital marketing strategy
SIRXMKT007Develop a digital marketing plan
FNSORG501Develop and manage a budget

Every student will have an initial interview to assess their individual learning needs and their language, literacy and numeracy skills.

• Completed Australian Year 12 or equivalent
• IELTS 6.0 English language equivalence if a non-native English speaker
• Be aged over 17 for Domestic Students and over 18 for International Students

Learners must also have access to appropriate technology to allow them to complete the qualification. This includes a computer with a reliable internet connection and browsing ability, word processing applications such as Word and Spreadsheet applications such as Excel.

We recommend Microsoft Office Suite.

Further Entry Requirements:

To study this qualification, individuals must provide evidence of knowledge of:
• Marketing principles and concepts
• Digital media platforms and software
• Digital marketing

This qualification has two options available:

• 100% online study is available for domestic students.
• Blended learning is available for domestic and international students, consisting of 33% online and 67% face-to-face learning.

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