10787NAT Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing

Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing

Course Code: 10787NAT
CRICOS Code: 0100514
Delivery mode: Blended learning; 33% online and 67% Interactive e-learning due to Covid-19
Course Duration: 52 weeks
Location: Sydney Campus



Demand for digital marketing skills in 5 years



Job postings in 2nd quarter of 2020



Jobs will be automated in the next three years


With a significant importance of digital marketing to the success of a business within today’s technological landscape, this Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing will provide its graduates with the critical skills needed to tailor their career towards a digital future.

By undertaking this course, students will refine their skills within the digital landscape by deepening their knowledge of analytical tools such as Google Analytics

They will develop a thorough understanding of the processes involved in planning, designing and executing marketing campaigns that are applicable across multiple channels such as paid search platforms (SEM), display advertising avenues, strategic, automated email distribution messages, and a variety of social media platforms.

  • By undertaking this course, you will:  

    • Learn to prepare and implement sophisticated digital marketing strategies that run across multiple channels and platforms 
    • Demonstrate a high level of digital marketing skills in environments demanding initiative, creativity and consistency  
    • Continually analyse and monitor the external market including current trends and development, to ensure effective digital marketing plans are in place to react to issues, both positive and negative, as they arise 
    • Research and evaluate internal and external data distinct from digital marketing strategies and implementation plans and adapt as business or market conditions change 
    • Continually optimize and improve digital marketing performance 
    • Enhance analytical skills to monitor website performance and develop actionable insights.  

By undertaking this course, you will be equipped with the highly valuable skills that are needed to propel your career in digital marketing. You will be eligible for roles such as the following: 

  • Digital Marketing Manager 
  • Head Advisor in Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Specialist 
  • Digital Marketing Strategist 
  • SEO coordinator 
  • SEM coordinator 
  • Social media manager 
  • Account Executive – Digital Marketing 
DGMMED002Plan and conduct marketing through social media
DGMANA001Use web analytics tools to gather data on marketing performance
DGMSEO001Build and implement a search engine optimisation strategy
DGMSEM001Create and manage paid search campaigns
DGMMED001Plan and conduct email marketing
DGMCON001Develop and implement a content strategy for digital publication
DGMMED003Build and conduct display and video advertising
DGMWEB001Optimise a website within a digital marketing strategy
SIRXMKT007Develop a digital marketing plan
FNSORG501Develop and manage a budget

Essential entry requirements

Entrants to the Advanced Diploma of Digital Marketing must:

  • be aged over 18; and

  • have completed an approved an English language test such as IELTS 5.5 – or equivalent (international students only).

To enter this qualification, individuals must provide evidence of knowledge of:

  • marketing principles and concepts

  • digital media platforms and software

  • digital marketing

To demonstrate this, individuals must have completed a formal course of study or a minimum of one year’s employment in the field of sales and marketing, digital media and social media marketing or related field.

Recommended entry requirements

Students should be able to read and write English at approximately year 12 level in order to be able to assimilate the information provided in the program, to read complex instructions and to write competently and accurately.

Blended learning; 33% online and 67% Interactive e-learning due to Covid-19


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