Student Application Checklist

Student Application Checklist

To ensure a fast turnaround time of processing student applications, we ask agents to confirm that the following documents have been submitted when submitting a new student application.

A copy of student's passport

This should be a scan of the main pages of the official passport.

Copies of student’s academic completion certificates

Both the original and translated version should be submitted. Please note we do not accept a Google translated scan of the certificates.

Student's Proof Of English

Equivalent to IELTS 6.0 or Upper-Intermediate (B2) level. See our proof of English page for more details

Genuine Student Questionnaire

Fillable PDF document which will be attached to provisional offer letter. Some students may be exempt (e.g. very low RAL on current student visa)

Additional Supporting Documents

Additional supporting documents based on Genuine Student Questionnaire responses on case-by-case basis. This could include employment verification letter, proof of property ownership, etc.

If students are onshore, students must provide copies of their current CoE(s) prior to the ACBI course start date, visa, and completion certificate(s).

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