Our Campus

With over 800 students joining us, our campus is constantly buzzing! We’ve got common rooms, vending machines, kitchens, student computers and free wifi that’ll make coming to class just that more exciting!



Our newly renovated classrooms are equipped with facilities tailored to your learning experience. From computer labs for our technology courses, to eco-friendly spaces for our environmental classes – the ACBI campus accommodates for all your learning needs.

Common Areas

TVs, microwaves, computers and free internet – our common areas are the perfect space for easing into the student life.


Graphic Design Lab

Our Mac lab where all the magic happens by our young graphic designers.

ACBI goes green!

Our mission for 2019 is to turn ACBI as green as we can! We’ve converted our trash into sorted waste, and we’ve decorated our college campus with greenery. We want to become the first college to go paperless, and our course in Environmental Management & Sustainability has been the perfect pioneer for teaching us how!