Webinar – Unlocking the Circular Economy Impact

Webinar | WED 10 July 2024, 4PM:

Unlocking the circular economy impact

Discover ways to you can help transform your organisation to being more circular. Hear Climateers CEO and cofounder Rob Anderson share key insights and practical tips on implementing circular economy initiatives.


What you'll learn

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • Key strategies to minimise waste and promote reuse.
  • Applying circular economy principles in the real world
  • Methods for encouraging responsible consumption
  • Practical and business-focused strategies for reducing consumption
  • Real world approaches for reducing food waste

You’ll also be able to ask your circular economy questions to Climateer CEO and climate entrepreneur Rob Anderson.

Who is this webinar for?

Anyone interested in helping their organisation better use circular economy approaches. If you’re eager to see your organisation take more steps towards circularity, this webinar will give you clear pointers on what you can do.

From encouraging reuse and eliminating waste to helping regenerate nature, discover effective strategies to make your organisation more circular.

Make sure you register for this webinar. If you’re registered and can’t make it, we can send you a recording of it.

About the speaker

Rob Anderson

Rob is an accomplished climate entrepreneur. He holds over 10 years’ experience as a social entrepreneur and over 20 years’ experience in the food and biotechnology sectors as a manufacturing executive and chemical engineer.

His main focus is on circularity and helping communities around the world halve food waste by 2030. Starting with food waste in Victoria, Rob and his team at Climateers.com are working to bring stakeholders together to collaborate and unlock new opportunities. Their digital platform is being built to help guide people and businesses to leverage their superpowers and have a more impactful sustainability journey.

Rob is currently the CEO and co-founder of Climateers, where he leads tackling the climate crisis. Prior to Climateers, Rob was co-chair of the global taskforce for Rotary Internationals’ environmental arm ESRAG. Rob also holds experience being a Solutions Technologist at Phantm, where he has contributed to tackling the plastics crisis.

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